Refugee Life

From 2004 to 2009, the Pa-O Women’s Union was involved in several activities to improve the living conditions of Pa-O refugees living along the Thai-Burma border.

Blankets, Mosquito nets, and Clothing

In order to prevent unexpected health problems, blankets, mosquito nets, and clothes were contributed to villagers inhabiting project targeted areas with the help of TBBC-Thai-Burma Border Consortium and BRC-Burma Relief Center.

Rice, Cooking oil, Salt, and Chick peas (Requisite food supplies)

With the support of EWOB and TBBC, the PWU helped provide requisite food supplies to the old and the poor, and new mothers in the project areas.

Educational support

In order that the young girls from the project areas are able to carry on their education at the No.(3) Basic Education High School, Karenni refugee camp, the PWU could make their schooling fees available with the support of BRC.

 Gardening for Income Generatingon and Replication

Mushroom Cultivation

Within November 2003-2004, the committee members and staff members from Pa-O Women’s Union (PWU) as well as villagers could implement the cultivation of mushrooms scheme, which the WEAVE and BRC helped provide the needs with a view to being able to carry out the activities of income generating and replication for the villagers.

Orchid Cultivation

In February 2004, the orchid cultivation training was conducted, which was intended to enhance the capacities of PWU members and Pa-O Women residing in the project areas, and to create vocational jobs for their daily survivals. The profits make from selling orchids were also utilized on fulfilling the need of requisite food supplies for some old people in the project areas. The training was funded by EWOB.

Orchid Cultivation Follow-up (or) Refresher Training

In December 2004, the orchid cultivation refresher training was performed at the PWU office. Those who completed the training carried out plantation of orchid in the project areas. The training was supported by EWOB. Orchid Plantation following up training project support by Empowering Women of Burma (EWOB) year 2005.

Long-lasting bamboo-shoot performing and Systematic Storage of Bamboo-shoot method Training

Pa-O women in the project areas undergo the lack of daily family incomes in addition to the lack of tangible vocational jobs for their lives. In particular, most of their time is spent on their daily domestic chores and traditional hill-side cultivation even though they have their own initiatives or abilities. Therefore, long-lasting bamboo-shoot performing and systematic storage of bamboo-shoot method training was provided to them at the PWU office in June 2005. The training was carried out with the help of EWOB.

Preservation of Natural Resources

Natural resources preservation training was able to be performed in the project targeted villages in 2004, which was provided by NYDC (NY forum).

Basic Human Rights and Revealing Violation of Women and Child rights Training

In August 2004, basic human rights and revealing violation of women and child rights training was conducted at the PWU office, funded by BRC. The participants were staff members and village organizers from the PWU.

International Peace Day Campaign

In the year 2004-2005, International Peace day was able to be celebrated at the project areas, which was supported by WLB.

Constitution Observing Training

In January 2004, the constitution observing training for the PWU members was carried out at the PWU office with the support of BRC.

Sewing Training was conducted in 2005 and supported by EWOB.

Capacity Building Training Program (2004-2009)

  • In 2004-2005, the PWU performed capacity building training at the PWU office for Pa-O women inside Burma and those in the project areas. The training was to organize and recruit Pa-O peoples along the Thai-Burma border and those inside Burma by promoting their capacities and knowledge. The training program included office functions, management, constitution, Basic English language, computer, accounting, women rights, proposal writing and report writing, library system. That one year training program was funded by Norwegian Burma Committee (NBC). Capacity Building Training for PWU staff members supported by WLB, year 2005, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • From June 2006 to November 2006, so as to enhance more capacity of PWU members, two PWU members were sent to PWU’s alliances NCUB and HREIB for their internships. This scheme was provided by WLB, a sub-grantee of NBC. There were 4 PWU interns in 2007, 4 PWU interns in 2008 and totally, 11 interns from 2004 to 2009.

HIV/AIDS Education and HIV/AIDS Community Education Training

With the support by IRC, the PWU sponsored HIV/AIDS education and HIV/AIDS community education training in the three villages, namely Hwe Kham, Hwe Sa Rop, and Mai Ngar from the project areas.

Peace Building Training supported by Volunteer Services for Oversea (VSO), year 2007.

Human Rights Training supported by Open Society Institute (OSI), year 2007.

The PWU also have received emergency assistances and micro assistances from the international and local NCOs: COERR, BBC also TBBC, BRC-USA, BRC-Chiang Mai, and WEAVE.

Gender training supported by BRC-USA, year 2008.

WLB programs

WLB- Peace Builders Program-Aug 2008 to Mar 2009

WLB(1325 training) in 2008

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