Fact finding trip to Burma

Two months ago, two PWU staff members went back to Burma. The reason for their trip was: to conduct trainings in the villages; to meet with the graduates from last year’s School for Pa-O Women class, along with their parents; and to observe the situation in a monastery school which the PWU supports.

As soon as they arrived, the PWU women met with former School for Pa-O Women students who are working with their communities and conducting trainings in their villages. They talked with them about what they have been doing and gave them suggestions. They also met with their families, and their parents said that they wanted their children to further study the subjects which they had studied in the School for Pa-O Women.

Then they went to observe the living conditions in the monastery. The children are living in close proximity to each other, leading to a problem with ringworm. The monks said that they need more money in order to buy medicine for the ringworm, as well as to buy more food.

Training inside Burma on violence against womenWhile the PWU representatives were there, they conducted a training on violence against women. Young high-school and university women attended the training, and enjoyed it so much that they asked for it to be conducted again at the monastery.

Conducting the training and sharing experiences with the training participants were very interesting and exciting for our representatives.  They really enjoyed the moment, and they hope to meet with these women again in the future.

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