Pa-O Women’s School Dormitory Sustains Flood Damage

At the time the Pa-Women’s School was constructed, there were only enough funds for a grass roof on the student dormitory. This year’s unusually wet rainy season was more than the roof could bear, resulting in considerable flood damage to the floor and support beams.

One very generous donor agreed to help fund repair costs. However, there will only be sufficient funds to bring the building back to where it was prior to the flood. Without a tin roof, which is considerably more expensive than grass, we fear that another bad flood year will take us back to square one.

If you know of any organization that would be willing to help pay for a tin roof, please send us a message on our Contact Us page. Or if you would like to help out as an individual, please see our Donors page for a link to our Pay Pal account.

Many thanks for your concern.

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